UF PRO Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Shirt Brown Grey

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    The hybrid material design distinguishes this combat shirt with extreme breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and ruggedness. It’s made of a novel torso knit so light in weight that it feels like a second skin. It dries insanely fast, so you can always count on all-day comfort, while the tough ripstop fabric stands up to wear and tear from the rigors of combat.
    The Striker XT Gen.3 Combat Shirt lets the fresh breeze in and hot air out. Extremely breathable and moisture-wicking 3D mesh helps you stay cool even in the hottest environments during demanding activities. For best possible effect, it is positioned right where our bodies naturally dissipate heat.
    While the hybrid material design efficiently regulates your body temperature and provides all-day comfort, this combat shirt sports the details that ultimately enhance your performance as an operator.
    Lightweight UF PRO Flex Elbow Pads cushion the impacts that occur as you move through obstacle-ridden terrain or square up to action. Fully ergonomic elbow pockets are compatible with both the Cushion or Impact versions of the pads. Set the level of protection you need with a simple fire-and-forget move and you’re ready to go.
    The breathable and air-permeable padding prevents discomfort from anything rubbing against your pelvic bone area. This way you can carry additional gear on your waist and - importantly - use those items with confidence.

    • 67% Polyester, 33% Cotton Ripstop material
    • Polyester/Merino
    • 3D nylon mesh reinforced armpit and inner elbow
    • 100% Polyester

    • Extra-long front zipper.
    • Breathable torso material for a better fit and fast drying.Strategically positioned 3D mesh for extreme breathability.
    • Breathable, air-permeable padding in the area of hips.
    • air/pac® inserts in the shoulder area for efficient weight distribution.
    • 2X large upper arm pockets with Velcro and an additional strap for easy opening.
    • Soft lined inside collar.
    • Slide-in pockets for UF PRO Elbow Pads.

  • Attributes
    Color: Brown Grey
    Material: 67 % Полиестер/ 33 % Памук Ripstop
    Subcategory: Combat Shirts
    Type/Style: Field/On Duty
    Sex: Men