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    The R-8 GTX THERMO shines when the elements turn nasty. The warm winter model is designed for use in cold temper­atures and rough terrain. It feels right at home in the icy days of winter. The lining with Prim­aloft® 400 material keeps the wearer’s feet warm while the outsole that is made with Vibram® Arctic Grip tech­nology and a rubber mix espe­cially designed for low temper­atures provides the necessary support. The lining with the GORE-TEX membrane creates an optimal foot climate even during increased activity. In addition to all of its func­tionality, the R-8 GTX THERMO is light­weight and offers excep­tional comfort.

    The model R-8 GTX THERMO comes with a Vibram® Arctic Grip sole. This sole represents state-of-the-art tech­nology. The sole is made of a special rubber compound that is designed to deliver high performance and quality. The sole is designed to produce good grip on snowy surfaces.

    The large profile studs, their arrangement and a Vibram® rubber compound are the key reasons why the VIBRAM® ARCTIC GRIP TRAC® II performs so well in winter conditions. It has everything it needs. Models with this sole come with a directly injected midsole made of LOWA DynaPU®.

    Guar­anteed weather protection even during fickle conditions: The R-8 GTX THERMO is equipped with a GORE-TEX performance comfort footwear membrane. The innovative tech­nology delivers optimal waterproof protection and breath­ability.
    • Permanently waterproof
    The membrane provides reliable waterproof protection. No matter what sort of activity you may be planning, you can count on GORE-TEX tech­nology to keep your feet pleasantly dry.
    • High breath­ability
    Designed with optimal breath­ability in mind, GORE-TEX shoes are a pleasure to wear even during intense activities and fluc­tuating temper­atures. Water cannot penetrate the footwear, and moisture produced inside the shoe escapes through billions of pores in the GORE-TEX membrane.
    • Windproof
    The GORE-TEX membrane dependably fights off the wind and the weather. As a result, you can head off on a tour no matter what the weather is like.

    The R-8 GTX THERMO is footwear onto which the outsole has been directly injected. This manu­fac­turing technique creates an excep­tionally precise and very strong bond between the sole and upper.
    • Light­weight
    This process uses a plastic called poly­urethane. It is a very light­weight foam padding.
    • Cush­ioning
    The plastic called poly­urethane is a foam padding that has very good cush­ioning prop­erties. The plastic retains its form and springs back to its original condition even when its millions of tiny bubbles are frequently pressed together. This, in turn, creates a good rebound effect.
    • A wide range of design options
    Thanks to direct injection, the sole can be designed in a very large number of ways. The multi­faceted prop­erties of the materials used enable the shoes to be effective in a broad number of areas.

    With the LOWA-MONOWRAP® frame, the midsole of the R-8 GTX THERMO provides the very best comfort. This three-dimen­sional midsole design was developed by LOWA in 1995. The frame comfortably cradles the foot and support it when the shoe wearer ventures across uneven surfaces. The sole design is slightly raised for shoes with a SUPPORT FRAME.
    • Good guidance for the foot
    The foot is optimally nestled into the shoe thanks to the frame’s three-dimen­sional design.
    • Increased comfort
    The special midsole design ensures snug footing in the shoe. The foot is pleasantly cradled by the three-dimen­sional frame.
    • The LOWA-MONOWRAP® is made of a plastic called poly­urethane. It is a very light­weight material.

    Thanks to the two-zone lacing system used in the R-8 GTX THERMO, the forefoot and upper have their own separately adjustable lacing zones. As a result, the shoe can be indi­vidually adapted to the anatomy of the foot and laced in different ways for ascents and descents.

    Stitches and material overlaps are elim­inated in the R-8 GTX THERMO thanks to the use of large pieces in forming the upper. This reduces the possibility of pressure points, a feature that enhances comfort.
    The R-8 GTX THERMO is equipped with lacing hooks with a closed design. They guide the laces very securely and keep them from getting caught upon contact with objects.

    The R-8 GTX THERMO has no fear of extremely cold winter conditions thanks to its high-quality synthetic fibre insu­lation with a 400 g/m² lining. The insu­lating performance that is comparable to that of down, keeps the wearer’s feet pleasantly warm during winter conditions.
    • Optimal warming performance
    Prim­aLoft® insu­lation offers an optimal mix of warmth performance, weight and volume. Its heat-retention qualities are comparable to those of good goose down. The fibres are so thin and soft that they flexibly adjust to the body’s form.
    • Water repellent
    Prim­aLoft® insu­lation is water repellent. The material retains its form even when wet. During production, the ultra-fine micro-fibres gain their water-repellent prop­erties in a special, fibre-based refining process. This special treatment prevents moisture from sticking to the fibres. Prim­aLoft® insu­lation is also extraordinarily comfortable. The very low fibre strength facil­itates good heat retention. The fibres trap more air with the same volume level, but can also be tightly compressed. This creates a high level of wearing comfort as well as excellent fibre recovery and long form stability.

  • Attributes
    Producer-Color: Black
    Climate: Temperate, Cold

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